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Throughout the decades and centuries, encyclopedias, which had been one of the most frequently used reference materials by people and could be found in any home, had the highest priority to spread knowledge to the populace. For the generations that were born in after the mid-'90s, Wikipedia holds the same place that encyclopedias such as Meydan Larousse, Encyclopedia Brittanica held. Addition to this, Wikipedia, which grows bigger with the help of volunteers, needs people to take on responsibility and spread the knowledge.

We, in this frame, contributed to the modern-day Encyclopedia Brittanica's Turkish version, namely Vikipedi, with eight entries on eight women in cognitive science so that the names of women will be there forever.  In 2nd WikiMarathon we contributed: 

  • 7 new article

  • 1 editing

  • 131.000 byte

  • 189 reference

Patricia Churchland

Yunus Şahin, Merve Balık

Nancy Kanwisher

Merve Balık, Neslihan Turan

Elizabeth Loftus

Merve Balık, Mehmet Ali Sevim

Eleanor Rosch

Mehmet Ali Sevim, Ege Kingir

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Asude Firdevs Eraçıkbaş, Yunus Şahin

Judith F. Kroll

Asude Firdevs Eraçıkbaş, Yunus Şahin

Lera Boroditsky

Neslihan Turan, Ege Kingir

May-Britt Moser

Ege Kingir, Mehmet Ali Sevim

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