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Academy Cognition is a series of talks given preferably by undergrad and masters students, who are relatively less recognized, with a purpose that is revolving around facilitating knowledge and idea-sharing among students. Academy Cognition is arranged once in a month, on the first Sunday of the month, with a talk time about forty minutes to one hour.


Open Cognition aims cognitive science to be at a place that is better known and more effective. Open Cognition, where we have professors who are experts in their field as our guest, is a platform designed for people who are new to cognitive science as well as who do not know cognitive science. It takes place once in a month with a talk time of one to one and a half-hour.

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Book Cognition aims to provide the opportunity for students and professors to exchange ideas and discuss a book with a particular theme for several weeks! In this context, we can see Book Cognition as a book club with one book. For every Book Cognition event, we will choose a book and invite a professor according to the theme. For this event which we will hold once a week online to be fulfilling, we think 20-people-quota will be appropriate. Each Book Cognition event will last for several weeks, and we will come together at a specific time and day. Keep on following for the details

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Cognitive WikiMarathon is a WikiMarathon event in which everyone available from our team takes part in contributing to Turkish Wikipedia by translating, updating, and adding articles about cognitive science. By this means, we aim to contribute to Wikipedia Encyclopedia in the cognitive science field, which is one of the highly preferred resources when people start their research on a topic.


CogIST joined the GUIS event community, which is a global community including NYU, Oxford University, UCSD and UZH! In these events made up of 30 to 40-minute talks and Q&As, we will listen to stories of our professors, role models and how they tackled the hardships they faced. We will also address work-life balance, competition in the academic environment, impostor syndrome and so much more!  

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Cognitive Webinar will be held online and be entirely in English and will be aiming at reaching an international audience. CogIST aims to provide a platform not just for science communication but also interaction and communication of academics from all over the world with the help of this series at where numerous researchers and scientists will give a talk on various topics in cognitive science.



We prioritize CogIST to be a place in which everyone can share their interest and aspiration with cognitive science. In our Medium account, We try to contribute to cognitive science practice in Turkish through publishing popular articles of independent researches, professors, and students of cognitive science, as well as, through translating papers, which are significant for the cognitive science, and popular articles that make quite academic topics comprehensible for all.



As CogIST, we created CogIST Board to follow and to share the worldwide updates in cognitive science with the people who are interested in cognitive science! This project we are carrying out via Twitter, for now, will soon announce conferences, summer schools, events, and vacancy announcements from the cognitive science academia all around the world, on its own site!

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In this podcast series, which started with the collaboration of Flaps Club, we talk about the brain and mind from many branches of cognitive science, following the name "mentalese". With the end of our collaboration with Flaps Club, we continue our podcast series as CogIST. You can join our live podcasts on the Discord server!



Discussions on Cognitive Science is a series of events in which available members of our team and everyone with an interest in cognitive science can participate. In this context, we aim to provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss on a particular theme. In case of face-to-face meetings, we have to limit the number of participants to a quota of 10 due to the pandemic. You can follow up-to-date information the group discussion on cognitive science, which took place in a friendly chat environment, in the announcements section and on our social media accounts.


Fundamentals of Cognitive Science Summer School is an event that we aim to bring together students and faculty members from different institutions, and to introduce people interested in cognitive science to the field in a disciplined and concrete context. The school offers courses in philosophy, computer science, psychology, linguistics and neuroscience in the context of cognitive science. We also aim to present historical and current perspectives on the field in addition to the educational content of the courses.

Cognitive debate #1

Specially organized for CogIST's birthday, Cognitive Debate is an event that hosts cognitive science discussions with the moderators of expert speakers. Cognitive Debate, which takes place online, is an activity that progresses entirely in English. This event, where we listen to the discussion of cognitive science topics, in which inquiry is at the forefront, by experts in their fields, aims to examine a phenomenon by approaching it from many perspectives.

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As CogIST, we believe that knowledge will spread through sharing and discussion. We are aware that sharing a place, being spatially close, communicating face to face are all important. With that in mind we start organizing another event! We will be meeting in Istanbul and Ankara once in a two or three weeks to discuss different articles and topics.

Of course, you are all invited to our reading club! Grab a coffee or tea, come join us and let us share our opinions which will all be enriched and by different backgrounds of each other and will expand our horizons!



The Cognizer, which we are excited to bring you all the articles and resources in cognitive science and academia, starts its publication life. As a community of science enthusiasts, we offer resources, articles and essays on cognitive science to all interested researchers. Without discriminating between experts or amateurs in the field, we expect to deliver the articles we aim to present for you by keeping their quality. In this way, by highlighting underrepresented articles and resources, we want everyone to have equal access to them. Bringing researchers and research together, The Cognizer is a new platform that is keen to support and partner with the field.

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