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We have been producing presentations, conferences, translations and articles for more than two years to enhance interaction and communication in the cognitive science academy, acquaint people about the field, and create an area for people who is already interested in to share the knowledge.

But in order to do much more, and realize the plans that we have been longing to, we need support for our projects which are running on a voluntary basis. If you are interested in cognitive science and like our work, we can grow stronger and enhance our potential with your support!

If you are wiling to support us regularly you can find our patreon account below:

For their support to CogIST,
thank you.

"Alirıza Arıcan, Alper Güven, Aziz Zambak, Barış Sunalı,

Caner Demir, Cem Taylan Aşık, Eda Bayram, Esra Mungan,

Ethan Kutlu, Mehmet Tekin Soyer, Mert Kobaş, Nilay Türkan,

Pınar Ayyıldız, Seda Akbıyık, Seda Bulut, Şüheda Yıldırım,

Taylan Özgür Yıldırım, Tilbe Göksun"

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