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Mind, Psychology and Philosophy Arhke Camp starts!

August 20-27, 2023, Arkhé Campus

We will consider the theories and ideas put forward by the doyens of the field, "What kind of cognitive science? What kind of psychology? What kind of neuroscience?" We will discuss how we should approach the mind and mental sciences in the light of contemporary studies. Our trainers will be Ceyhan Temürcü (METU), Yağmur Denizhan (Boğaziçi U.), Haydar Oğuz Erdin (Sabancı/Boğaziçi U.), Majid Beni (METU), Esra Mungan (Boğaziçi U.), Yunus Şahin (CogIST, Boğaziçi U.) and İbrahim Ethem Deveci (CogIST, METU). For any questions about the camp, you can reach us at or on our Instagram and Twitter accounts! You can also access the registration form here:

Registration form

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