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Konrad Kording (PhD)

4th of January 2021, Monday, 10 AM (EST) / 8 PM (GMT+3) Zoom Room

We are excited to have Konrad Kording (PhD) from the University of Pennsylvania as the speaker of the first event of our Cognitive Webinar series! After the talk "Reverse Engineering Behavior and Brains" of Dr. Kording, the event ended with a Q&A session. Many thanks to Dr. Kording for his talk and to all who participated and contributed to the event! You can access the record of the event via the link below.

Konrad Kording - Youtube


Maria Chait (PhD)

28th of September 2021, Tuesday ,  4 PM (GMT+1) / 6 PM (GMT+3) Zoom Room

In the second Cognitive Webinar, we hosted Maria Chait (PhD) from University College London. The event started with Chait's speech titled "How the Human Brain Discovers Structure in Sound Sequences - Between Listening and Music" and ended with a Q&A session after a short break. Many thanks to both Maria Chait who accepted our invitation and the participants who contributed with their valuable comments and questions!

cognitive webinar 2.jpg

Georg Northoff (PhD, MD)

14th of October 2021, Tuesday ,  5 PM (GMT+3) / 10 AM (EDT) Zoom Room

At the third Cognitive Webinar, we listened to Georg Northoff from the University of Ottawa. A neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and philosopher, Northoff's title was "The Brain and Its mind Temporo-Spatial Theory of Consciousness (TTC)." Discussing his own theory by comparing it with other theories on consciousness, Northoff explained the idea that consciousness arises from the brain-environment interaction. Thanks to Georg Northoff who did not turn down our invitation and joined us and all our participants!

cognitive webinar 4.jpg

Cedric Boeckx

16th of November 2021, Tuesday, 9 PM (GMT+3), Zoom Room

At the fourth Cognitive Webinar, we listened to Cedric Boeckx from ICREA who contributed to the relationship of cognition, biology and language through his research. He presented his talk with the title "Language, Cognition, Biology." Thanks to Cedric Boeckx who accepted our invitation and participants who contributed with their comments!


Olivier Collignon (PhD)

2nd of December 2021, 20:00 (GMT+3), 12:00 (EDT), 18:00 (GMT+1) Zoom Room

At the fifth Cognitive Webinar we listened to Oliver Collignon from UCLouvain. He is a neuroscientist focusing mainly on the mechanisms underlying cross-modal perception and plasticity in the brain as well as how changes in multisensory experiences shape the architecture of the mind and brain. Collignon's title was "What Does Blindness or Deafness Tell Us About Brain Development?". Thanks to Oliver Collignon who accepted our invitation and participants who contributed with their comments!

Olivier Collignon - YouTube



January 20th, Thursday, 5:30 PM (GMT+3), 9:30 AM (ET), 3:30 PM (GMT+1), Zoom

At the sixth Cognitive Webinar, we listened to Anne Urai (PhD). She is a cognitive neuroscientist focusing on how brain transforms sensory information into useful decisions and how decisions change with experience. Urai's title was "Choice History Bias As A Window Into Cognition and Neural Circuits".Thanks to Anne Urai who accepted our invitation and participants who contributed with their comments!

Anne Urai - YouTube


COGNITIVE WEBINAR #7 Grace Lindsay (PhD)

February 15th 2022, Tuesday 8:00 PM (GMT+3), 5:00 PM (GMT)

Grace Lindsay (PhD) from University College London was with us at the seventh of Cognitive Webinar with her talk titled "Modeling Visual Attention in Neuroscience, Psychology and Machine Learning". Lindsay talked about modeling from different perspectives of machine learning, psychology and neuroscience. Thanks to Grace Lindsay who accepted our invitation and participants who contributed with their comments! 

Grace Lindsay - Youtube


COGNITIVE WEBINAR #8 James L. McClelland (PhD)

March 17th, Thursday, 7:00 PM (GMT+3), 9 AM PDT, Zoom Room

James L. McClelland (PhD) from the Stanford University was with us at the eighth of Cognitive Webinar with his talk "Understanding Natural Language: Insights from Cognitive Science, Cognitive Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence". McClelland talked about different perspectives such as cognitive science, neuroscience and artifical intelligence to scrutinize Natural Language.Thanks to James L. McClelland who accepted our invitation and participants who contributed with their comments! 

James L. McClelland - Youtube


COGNITIVE WEBINAR #9 Inês Hipólito (PhD)

12th of April 2022, Tuesday, 7:00 PM (GMT+3), 6:00 PM (GMT+2) Zoom Room

Inês Hipólito (PhD) from Humboldt University, Berlin School of Mind and Brain was with us at the ninth of Cognitive Webinars giving her talk "Eliminativism about Neural Representation". Hipólito talked about structure of neural representations in the frame of Eliminativsm. Thanks to Inês Hipólito who accepted our invitation and participants who contributed with their comments! 

Inês Hipólito - Youtube


Morten H. Christiansen (PhD)

May 17th, Tuesday, 7 PM (GMT+3), 12 PM (EDT) Zoom Room

Morten Christiansen from Cornell University was with us at the 10th Cognitive Webinar. His work revolves around language evolution, acquisition, and environmental interaction. In his speech titled "Rethinking Statistical Learning", he evaluated the concept of statistical learning from different dimensions and emphasized the learning and language points. Thanks to Morten Christiansen who accepted our invitation and all our participants joined us!

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