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20th of October 2019, Sunday, 15:00 (GMT+3) Bahcesehir University

With the collaboration of Bahçeşehir University Artificial Intelligence Society (BAU AIS), AIS' co-founder and chairman Berke Can Ongun gave us a talk named "AI's Situation in Cognitive Science and Turkey". Berke Can shared his ideas and knowledge on AI's situation, after starting with describing what AI is and its relationship with cognitive science, and what kind of studies are done on AI in world, as well as, where AI is  heading. After the talk we had a discussion on the topic.


01st of December 2019, Sunday, 15:00 (GMT+3) Bahcesehir University

Merve Yıldız, an MA graduate of Yeditepe University Cognitive Science, did her thesis on how relative clauses in Turkish are processed in the brain. This study, regarding effects of positions of Subject Relative Clauses (SRC) and  Object Relative Clauses (ORC) in matrix clause as the subject or the object, works through the topic of which constituent has the most cognitive load in the sentence. At Second Academy Cognition, Merve shared her research, method, and findings with us. Thanks!


11th January 2020, Saturday, 15:00(GMT+3) Bahcesehir University

Zeynep Kabadere, a senior student at METU Philosophy Department, was our guest for third Academy Cognition. Zeynep talked about how law can be shaped by neuroscience, referring to how neuroscience is used in order to shed light on challenging situations in law, as well as, as a tool to question world-wide accepted bases of law systems. Thanks!



02nd of February 2020, Sunday, 15:00(GMT+3), Bahcesehir University

Famous philosopher of mind, Ned Block, in 1997, argued that what we call "consciousness" can be seen as having two distinct senses, namely "Access Consciousness" and "Phenomenal Consciousness". Former is involved in processes such as attention, sleep state and awakeness, whereas, latter is involved in processes of subjective perception and experience. In this context, Muharrem Ayar, an undergraduate student at Boğaziçi University Linguistics, gave a talk on neural basis of access consciousness. We thank Muharrem, attendants, and AIS!

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08th of March 2020, Sunday, 15:00(GMT+3), Bahcesehir University,

Fifth Academy Cognition, which we co-prepared with AIS, took place at 8th of March, 2020. Serenay Gülkan, an undergraduate student of Istanbul University Linguistics Department, gave us a talk named, "Emotion's Place in Affective and Cognitive Neuroscience, and Mood Disorders". We thank Serenay Gülkan, AIS, and all of the attendants.

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10th of May 2020, Sunday, 16:00 (GMT+3) Zoom Meeting

İlknur Elis, who has graduated from İstanbul University Department of Translation and Interpreting, did a presentation named "Ecological Psychology and Cognitive Science". Gibson's ecological perception theory has been investigated since, by approaching the topic of perception different from the mainstream theories, it gave significant results both for his studies and for cognitive science.
First, how the conventional paradigms approach perception, then,  Gibson's ecological approach, and finally the place of this approach in cognitive science have been discussed. We want to thank all, particularly İlknur.

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21st of June 2020, Sunday, 15:00 (GMT+3) Zoom Meeting

In Academy Cognition #7 which we held via Zoom, Özlem Karagöz, a student of Yeditepe University Psychology and Philosophy Departments, was our guest. In her presentation, named "Understanding Multilayeredness of the Mind", she introduced notions which can be important to understand Kant's reasoning and philosophical stance regarding the mind. Then, in the centre of Kant's "Apperzeption" notion, she discussed perception, consciousness, mind, and his relationship with psychology.
We want to thank Özlem, notably for her presentation, and all who joined the event and the discussion!

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