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You can find information about the courses, office hours and workshops offered in the summer school here.


General Program Flow


2-9. Days:
10:00 - 17:30, with a 60-minute lunch break and a 20-minute class break.

Day 10:

Workshops from 14:40 to 17:30.


Day 11:
Closing Seminar

1st Day

Opening Seminar

Cengiz Acartürk (PhD)

2nd Day

Turing and Computation

Ahmet Çevik (PhD)

Cognitivism = ZHT + ZTT Ceyhan Temürcü (PhD)

The Chomskyan Revolution in Linguistics

Ethan Kutlu (PhD)

The Cognitive Revolution in Psychology

Dağlar Tanrıkulu (PhD)

3rd Day

Formal Language Theory and Automata Theory

Ceyhan Temürcü (PhD)

Formal Linguistics #1

Yasin Tasdemir



Formal Linguistics #2

Yasin Tasdemir



Chinese Room Argument / Symbol Grounding Problem

Aziz Zambak (PhD)

4th Day

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Fatih Dinç



Neural Networks

Fatih Dinç



Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

Burcu Ayşen Ürgen



4E Approaches

Alper Kumcu

5th Day



Inci Ayhan



Robotics and Cognitive Science

Erol Sahin



Methods in Neuroscience

Burcu Ayşen Ürgen



Causality and the Brain

Tolga Esat Ozkurt

6th Day


Workshop Introduction to EEG and Transcranial Electrical Stimulation Methods

Tuba Aktürk & Ebru Yıldırım




Eren Gunseli

7th day

Memory and Embodiment in Language

Alper Kumcu



Language and Cognition

Tilbe Goksun




Gulay Cedden




Seçkin Arslan

8th Day



Ahu Gokce



Bayesianism in Cognitive Science

Barbaros Yet



Animal Cognition

Bengi- Çağrı Ünal



Language Acquisition

Tilbe Goksun

9th Day

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Ece Demir-Lira



Language Evolution and Specification

Rabia Ergin



Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

Furkan Ozcelik



Computational Models in Psychology

Burcu Arslan

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